Blast Bit's vision

Blast Bit's vision is based on observations from within the gaming industry. Our view is that the games medium has developed only gradually over the last decade. Studios get better at telling stories, the graphics look better, the game design is improved overall. But despite this positive trend, the industry today often uses methods similar to those conceived in the 1990s. The game graphics have taken a big step forward since then, but "good graphics" do not have the same appeal to players today as in the 90s. We think it's time for the next big step.

What breaks the immersion of games today is usually not poor graphics but rather repetitive interactions with computer-controlled characters, monotonous quests and lack of depth in the story.

Blast Bit Enterprises AB was founded in 2020 by veterans from the mobile gaming industry with the vision of breaking new ground and creating completely new types of interactive experiences with the help of AI techniques.

Blast Bit's goal is to apply new technology in game productions to automatically generate content in the form of quests and stories but also graphics and sound. A large part of this vision is to create and provide tools for automatic generation of content for applications in the simulation / education sector as well as the gaming industry.

Blast Bit aims to create solutions that can be deployed on any platform with good performance and a high degree of design control over the generative systems.

We seek to continuously evaluate the products from the end-users perspective. Blast Bit is currently working on a mobile game with the working title "lance-a-lot". We would like to evaluate the game based on the feedback we get from players and further improve the game and our content creation engine.